Growing and Changing Resources

Roseville City School District

Growing and Changing

To view the video that will be shown in the Growing and Changing Presentation, please click on the box to the right. Both the video and powerpoint are used during the presentations by the school nurses. A username and password are required to view the videos. You can find them on the permission slips.

Please click on the appropriate file below for your child’s grade to preview the Growing and Changing materials.

4th Grade Girls Handout
4th Grade Girls Presentation

5th Grade GIRLS Presentation
5th Grade BOYS Presentation

GIRLS - 5th Grade Handout
BOYS - 5th Grade Handout

You may use the form below to give your child permission to attend the presentation.  Only students who return signed permission forms will be allowed to participate in the presentation and discussion. Students without signed permission forms will have an alternate activity.